Steve Alexander fills in for Max Armstrong and talks about prison overcrowding in Kentucky. (audio)

January 31, 2018

Veteran newsman Steve Alexander has today’s report.

How about this? Kansas City to St. Louis in 30 minutes. A high-speed ‘hyperloop’ is being considered in Missouri. It’s a tubal track through which passengers are carried at speeds up to 640 mph. Colorado and Texas are doing similar studies.

Missouri’s Lt. Gov. could use the ‘hyperloop’ right now. Lt. Gov. of Missouri says he travels so much that he needs a personal driver. He’s asking for larger budget for his office to allow him to make the hire.

In Kansas yesterday, it was a Day of Fasting and Prayer, declared by Gov. Sam Brownback. Critics have declared 24-hour Pizza and Beer Party starting at 3 p.m. today, when Brownback leaves the state.

In Illinois, Democrats want to raise the minimum age for smoking or chewing tobacco to 21.

Kentucky has a growth program in its prison system. The state’s top public safety official says the state’s prisons could run out of room by May 2019, forcing the release of thousands of nonviolent inmates.

Kentucky raises mosquitoes in addition to racehorses. Male lab-grown mosquitoes from Kentucky are being sent to Florida to breed with Florida female mosquitos, creating eggs that won’t hatch. It’s an effort to combat the Zika virus.

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