Max Armstrong talks about Sen. Al Franken and Gov. Kim Reynolds. (audio)

June 6, 2017

For the second time in as many weeks, Sen. Al Franken has backed out of appearances. First, backed out of appearance with Kathy Griffin. Now, won't go on Bill Maher Show. Even HBO blasted him saying comment was distasteful.

Trump heads to Cincinnati tomorrow to talk about aging infrastructure. He will talk about ancient levees, locks and dams. 

The brand new governor of Iowa said she did travel in a private jet and it was legal. Gov. Kim Reynolds said there was no problem with her riding in a jet owned by a wealthy businessman who wants to build a casino in Iowa.

You don't need a license to fish in Michigan this weekend. Don't need tab to get into state parks this weekend. There are 3,000 miles of shoreland in Michigan.

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