Steve Alexander fills in for Max Armstrong and talks about tackle football. (audio)

January 26, 2018

Veteran newsman Steve Alexander has today’s report.

 How about that Chicago woman who man it onto a plane without a ticket? She flew all the way to London without a ticket.

I know a lot of parents are struggling with whether or not to let their children play tackle football.

WalMart is cutting up to 500 white collar jobs.

Four children – four months to 4 years – died in a house fire.

In northeast Wisconsin a campground was closed all season because property owner next door likes to do target practice and it was deemed a hazard to the campers.

If you’re driving through southern Iowa on Tuesday or Thursday, you may want to stop at the Bonaparte Retreat in Bonaparte. If you’re lucky, you may have Marie Hainline, 94, as your waitress. She’s thought to be the oldest waitress in Iowa.

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