Max Armstrong talks about HHGregg, HSUS and man hunt underway in Wisconsin. (audio)

April 10, 2017

The man they've been searching for in southern Wisconsin is certainly known by the police officers in and around Janesville, Wisconsin. He's been arrested or ticketed more than 50 times in the past few years. There's a $10,000 award leading to his arrest. Most recently, the man robbed a gun store.

HHGregg started its going out of business sale this past weekend. Mistakes were made expanding seven years ago. It was founded 62 years ago in Indianapolis.

Have you seen those commercials for Humane Society of the United States? They say for just $19 a month, those dollars can help. HSUS does little to help those local animal shelters that can really use your help. Looked at Form 990. Took in $130 million last year and has assets of nearly $250 million.

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