Max Armstrong talks about farm bill, wind storm in Colorado and Sheila Collins. (audio)

April 19, 2018

They’ll be out accessing damage in Colorado from yesterday’s freak wind storm, which caused brown out in many locations.

When Professor Sheila Collins moved to Nashville, she added AT&T Internet service to her cell phone account. Her bill was supposed to be $186.47, but the numbers got turned around and she was charged $47,681. After several phone calls, a trip to her bank and help from the Federal Communications Commission, she was finally repaid the difference.

Democratic members of U.S. House are complaining about farm bill voted out of committee along partisan lines yesterday.

A bill in Michigan State Senate would force people who are not now working to do so.

Everybody is wanting to know more about female pilot who saved lives when Southwest jet engine went down. She grew up on New Mexico ranch.

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