Max Armstrong talks about officer shooting in Indiana. (audio)

July 28, 2017

The small Indianapolis suburb of Southport has about 30 officers. A police officer responding to a report of an overturned car was shot and killed by a person in the overturned car. Was honored just two years ago as officer of the year. Shooter was shot and wounded by other officers on the scene.

Federal authorities are examining record of Iowa trucking company, Pyle Transportation. One of drivers of Pyle Transportation has been charged with murder for leaving migrants sweltering in heat of trailer. Eight died at the scene. 

Some of grain analysts are saying rain may have helped grain crop. Other say damage may have already been done. Some noting similarities with 1995. Crop ratings do usually slip in July.

Are you enjoying sweet cherries? This year's crop in Washington is the biggest ever. Cherries get credit for helping you sleep, maybe even helping keep you trim.

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