Max Armstrong talks about Cleveland Indians winning streak. (audio)

September 14, 2017

My they are having fun in Cleveland. It’s the 21st consecutive win for the Indians, an American League record.

A lot of Richard Geisenheyner’s neighbors in Liberty, Mo., are not happy with him. He put a sign advertising slaves for sale over the confederate flag waving at his house.

I have been a vocal proponent of Ag in the Classroom programs. Happy to see $90,000 grants to develop and conduct Ag in Classroom programs over next year and a half in Illinois after Illinois Corn Marketing Board contributed to program.

Out at O’Hare they brought in army of goats and sheep to keep the brush and weeds down in the jagged terrain. They use mowers for flat areas near the runway. O’Hare is an 8,000 acre airport.

Hae you heard about the guy who went to the doctor and said he felt like a goat?  The doctor asked how long he felt that way and he said since he was a kid.

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