Steve Alexander fills in for Max Armstrong, who is at AAFB annual meeting in Kansas City. (audio)

November 8, 2017

Max is in Kansas City at American Association of Farm Broadcasters annual meeting. Among the speakers is Howard G. Buffet, who will be here later today.

Max is finishing up term as president of the association.

Steve Alexander is filling in for Max Armstrong.

Farm broadcasters often warn of dangers of farming. There was a freak accident in western Iowa where 63-year-old farmer was buried by corn. It took more than hour to dig him out and that was too long.

Indiana is trying to legalize marijuana.

At least 30 states have legalized hemp farmer, and Wisconsin could become 31st.

If you are posting threats to the president on Facebook, you should know there are people who take that seriously and they will come and get you. One man is going to prison for three years for threatening posts.

Three strikes and you’re out. In Wisconsin, it’s four strikes and you’re out. If you are convicted of DUI four times, you’ll lose your license.

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