Steve Alexander sits in for Max Armstrong this week sharing information on a canceled rally in Wisconsin, gun collection in Chicago and the economic impact of the eclipse on one town.

August 24, 2017

Steve Alexander jokes that Max Armstrong won the $700 million power ball, in fact Max is at the Half Century of Progress Show. Alexander reports on a request for help in Wisconsin to clean up for bad weather earlier this year. In Eau Claire a neo-nazi rally has been canceled due to threats to the organizer. Chicago police officers have seized more than 6,000 guns, an increase, and the homicide rate has slipped. And a Chicago police superintendent is getting a new kidney, from his son. And Alexander notes that 50,000 people who visited Carbondale put $7 million into the city's coffers.

Midwest Digest is a twice-daily audio feature produced by Max Armstrong, offering news and commentary from across the Midwest.

Photo: George Frey/Stringer/Getty Images

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