Program empowers producers to meet their ranching goals through regenerative principles.

June 6, 2023

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Noble Research Institute

Noble Research Institute announced this week the launch of Essentials of Regenerative Ranching, a new program designed to help ranchers monitor and improve the health of their land, livestock and livelihood. Essentials provides producers with practical tools, hands-on experience and guidance to break free from the cycle of high inputs and low returns. The first in-person Essentials course will be held July 11-12, 2023, at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas.

Farmers and ranchers navigate uncertainty from weather, fluctuating market prices and skyrocketing inputs. Many producers are seeking new skills and tools that offer greater control and reduce their operational uncertainty. While regenerative ranching can help mitigate or avoid some of these issues altogether, ranchers may struggle to find reliable information about implementation or fail to receive the ongoing support they need for lasting success.

In response to these challenges, Noble Research Institute designed Essentials of Regenerative Ranching to offer farmers and ranchers guidance in using core principles and proven monitoring methods. This program allows them to overcome obstacles, become more informed problem solvers and more resilient to the highs and lows of the industry. By participating in this program, ranchers join a community of like-minded producers who are shaping the future of ranching and leaving a lasting impact on their land and families.

“If I had known what I learned in this course when I started my regenerative journey, I could have avoided some key mistakes,” said Tana McCarter, a rancher and Essentials alumna. “I left with the tools I needed to monitor my soil health and financial progress. I’ll now have the right data to make informed decisions on how to meet my regenerative goals.”

Hugh Aljoe, Noble Research Institute’s director of ranches, outreach, and partnerships, commented: “Program participants gain working knowledge and experience in monitoring and improving the health of their soil, grazing livestock more strategically and making informed financial decisions. We use a mix of classroom and field work to send producers home with the tools they need to begin making changes on their ranch.”

Those interested in attending the Stephenville even can register here. Seating is limited.

“The course is well-suited for ranchers of all experience levels and all types and sizes of operations,” Aljoe added. “No matter your situation, this program will transform the way you think about your ranch.”

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