Products, tech come to irrigators’ aid

What’s New: Companies offer new products and technology upgrades.

November 17, 2020

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There is gold at the end of the rainbow — if the rainbow forms because you’re irrigating while the sun is shining! The pot of gold is a wide variety of new products and services that irrigation companies and those supplying irrigation products have rolled out over the past few months.

With increasing pressure to use water efficiently, companies are responding in numerous ways. Some are offering more efficient nozzles for overhead pivot systems. Others are giving more tools to those of you who want to use precision technology remotely to monitor and adjust irrigation rigs.

For example, Lindsay, makers of Zimmatic, introduces an economical option for those who want to be able to monitor center pivots from anywhere, at any time, but who aren’t yet ready to invest in the most elaborate high-tech systems available. Pivot Watch, brand-new for 2021, lets you monitor what is going on with the pivot at an economical price. You can’t change settings or turn the pivot on or off, but if you just want to save a 10-mile trip to the pivot at midnight to make sure it’s working, this may be all you need.

Pivot Watch can be mounted on existing pivots. And they can be of any brand. Zimmatic also offers more elaborate choices for those who want to do more than just monitor what is happening in the field.

Perhaps you are more concerned about more basic factors related to irrigation, such as reducing water leaks and maintaining the system in operating condition. Waterman Valve offers a new butterfly valve that’s touted to be easier to operate. It’s available with a lever-style handle. The same company is also offering something new as basic as a guard to keep varmints out of air vents on systems. It even has a simple name — Critter Cage. Check out all the new offerings.

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