Rancher's open letter to Ellen DeGeneres goes viral

BEEF Daily blogger Amanda Radke's letter to the TV star may have not resulted in a meeting between the two, but it set off a media storm enabling the rancher to share beef's story.

September 27, 2019

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In an open letter to Ellen DeGeneres following the celebrity's video urging fans to #BeNeatEatLessMeat, Radke countered with beef facts and a plea to be on the Ellen DeGeneres show. While the rancher didn't make it to Los Angeles, she did get the opportunity to share the positive beef production story with several media outlets. And there's more to come! As her interviews are aired, we will continue to update this page with videos and links, so stop back often. Check out Radke's media coverage below.

KSFY (Sioux Falls, S.D): South Dakota bloggers post goes viral after asking to speak to Ellen.

KEYC (Mankato, Minn.): Beef producer's response to Ellen DeGeneres goes viral.

TSLN (Belle Fourche, S.D.): Ellen can you hear me now?

KDLT (Sioux Falls, S.D.): Mitchel beef producer responds to Ellen DeGeneres

Brownfield Ag News (Jefferson City, Mo.): South Dakota beef producer says, "Ellen, let's dance"

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