Rest easier—sooner—with a one-pass residue management system

Calmer’s patented BT Chopper® stalk rolls and residue management upgrade kits cut, chop and shear stalks into confetti-like residue for unmatched decomposition. 

September 23, 2016

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Rest easier—sooner—with a one-pass residue management system
<p>Use &ldquo;BT Chopper<sup>&reg;</sup> vs. OEM green stalks, seven days after&rdquo;</p>

Calmer Corn Heads’ patented BT Chopper® stalk rolls and residue management upgrade kits cut, chop and shear cornstalks into confetti-like residue for unmatched decomposition. The rolls are easy to install, compatible with most corn heads, work with all tillage systems, and are a fraction of the cost of a new original equipment manufacturer corn head.

Calmer’s class-leading custom-built corn heads and aftermarket stalk rolls deliver reliable and practical solutions for some of farming’s most complex problems. A key focus of the company’s work is to deliver reliable, farmer-proven answers that provide farmers with a positive return on their investment.

Better residue management is key, and that’s added benefit for beef producers. With Calmer BT Choppers, residue can be bailed shortly after harvest without the need for extra field passes to size the stalks, saving you both time and money. These chopped stalks make for comfortable bedding and offer a greater feed value for cattle grazing on corn stubble.

We put a lot of stock into our stalk rolls

  • Recognized as No-Till Product of the Year five times

  • Only in the industry with a patented open-window design to guarantee 100 percent traction the first time a stalk touches a blade

  • 10 razor-sharp flutes

  • 25 percent less horsepower needed than with chopping heads

  • Helps achieve increased harvesting speed

  • Reduces maintenance costs

  • Leaves exploded stalk stubble for reduced tire wear

  • Allows for easier planting in the spring

  • Greater feed availability for cows grazing on corn stubble

  • Higher quality bales

Get your fill in the field with our multizone beveled stripper plates

  • Straight design in front retrieving area reduces ear wedging

  • Engages more ear shanks, husks and leaves to reduce trash intake by over 30 percent

  • Beveled stripping area emulates the shape of the corn ear to reduce butt shelling problems

No need for speed with a special “slow down” upgrade kit
(For those of you with John Deere® 40/90 series)

  • Slows down gathering chains by 25 percent

  • Includes 6-tooth gathering chain drive sprockets and 9-tooth idler sprockets and gathering chains

  • Reduces trash intake by an average of 60 percent

  • Lessens wear on the idler block

  • Increases gathering chain lug’s ability to grab down corn

Experience unrivaled residue management performance and newfound peace of mind like these farmers already have.

“Bailing behind the BT Chopper is great. Green stalks dry very quickly so you’re not waiting long for the stalks to dry. Wait three days or so and V-rake the residue and you’ll be getting the best feed and bedding quality out of the plant.” – Mike Shaw, Ogden, Iowa

“We do 150-200 cornstalk bales a year behind the BT Chopper for bedding and roughage. I really like the benefit of the smaller pieces for bedding and also the manure spreads more evenly.” – Steve Swanson, Lynn Center, Illinois

Calmer Corn Heads helps you solve residue management problems for good at harvest.
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