This Week in Agribusiness, Nov. 10, 2018

Max Armstrong and Orion Samuelson talk about the American Angus Association, farm management, seed treatments, the USMCA and more this week.

November 10, 2018

Part 1

Max talks with Allen Mocyzgemba, CEO of the American Angus Association, which celebrated their 40th anniversary of angus beef last week.

Ray Brownfield is in to talk about farm land demand. Orion asks if the farmland boom is over. There is pressure on the market that would indicate it’s not going up, says Ray. We’ll see continued pressure until commodity markets are on a more sustainable basis.


Part 2

Ray Brownfield continues his talk, now about cash rent values. Overall, it hasn’t been bad, he says. People understand we can remain about the same for another year.

He also reminds listeners that crop insurance is very important, and the farm bill really does matter.

Brownfield also emphasizes to continue communications and use of technology when managing the farm. You can get too big, he says. Be careful about that.

Conservation practices are very important. Farmers need to maintain and improve the land for future generations and younger farmers.

Colby AgTech

Chad Colby says there’s been a new focus on soybean production, with a goal north of 100 bushels per acre. There’ve been a lot of new products to add as seed treatments. He spoke with Jacob Wade, Advantage Seeds, about that technology.

Weather Forecast

Greg Soulje talks weather across the northwest, southwest, north-central U.S.


Part 3

This was an off year for the Half-Century of Progress Show, but last year’s show showcased firetrucks. Fred Butt, of Illinois, talks more about the old fire trucks that have protected the rural communities, as well as the importance of volunteer fire departments.

Chad Colby talks about farm safety, and implores farmers to keep safety top of mind all year, from traveling down the road to educating farm workers.


Part 4

We’re still looking at the details of the USMCA. Farm Foundation recently held an expo to talk about what’s ahead. Joe Glauber, former chief economist, USDA, says the new agreement looks a lot like the old agreement, with more access coming across livestock sectors. The other big news is what’s NOT in NAFTA.

As farmers wait for the agreement to be finalized, Dominique Van Der Mensbrugghe suggests that perhaps farmers will move to plant other crops because it’s not clear if there will be a significant market.


Greg Soulje talks weather across the Eastern U.S.

 Max’s Tractor Shed

Max talks about a 1953 John Deere 60 in Iowa. The owner has plans for it, long after he’s gone.


Part 5

On our Best of the Farm Progress Show, we talk about tracks. Duane Tiede, CEO, ATI Track Systems talks about track technology.


Part 6

The FFA Chapter Tribute takes us to Queen City, Missouri. Corbin Bulechek, Schuyler FFA member, talks about his chapter and their activities.

Samuelson Sez

Orion talks about the 75th anniversary of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting.


Greg Soulje offers his weather outlook for the week ahead, and it looks cold. Precip will cover the eastern half of the country, as well as some in the Pacific northwest.


Part 7

We continue to salute the 2018 FFA Stars. This week, it’s Ben Curtin, Taylorville, Ill., who owns Curtin’s Creations, which is a metal shop that creates things from signs to parts. The shop uses CNC and plasma cutting. Ben will work fulltime at GSI after graduating from Purdue University. He’ll continue to run his business.

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