Max Armstrong and Orion Samuelson get reports this week from the National Dairy Meeting, a potato farm in Wisconsin, the FFA national convention and more.

November 3, 2018

Part 1

Note: The video automatically plays through all show parts once you start.

Max Armstrong and Orion Samuelson start off with a report from Mike Adams who’s at the National Dairy Meeting in Phoenix. Joe Camp of Agrivisor talks with Max and Orion about what’s expected in the next USDA crop report and potential effect on the market.

Part 2

Joe Camp of Agrivisor rejoins Max and Orion and they turn their attention to dig deep on the trade war with China and how beans are moving around the globe. Chad Colby in the Colby Ag Tech segment takes a look at new cameras from GoPro. Agricultural Meteorologist Greg Soulje looks at weather for the Western United States.  

Part 3

Max Armstrong talks to Brett Smith who owns a Keck-Gonnerman tractor bought by his grandfather 90 years ago and it’s never left the family. Chad Colby looks at Canadian firm that’s taking a different tack at autonomous tractors.  

Part 4

Max Armstrong and Orion Samuelson get a report about a late potato harvest in Wisconsin from Jamie Johansen at the Wysocki Farm. Agricultural Meteorologist Greg Soulje looks at weather for the Eastern United States. In Max’s Tractor Shed, Max introduces a 1968 International 656 that is owned by Sec. of Agriculture Sonny Perdue.

Part 5

The Best of the Farm Progress Show kicks off this week with an interview with John Wyffels, President of Wyffels Hybrids.

Part 6

Orion Samuelson profiles Hartsburg-Emden FFA in Hartsburg, Ill. The chapter prides itself on community outreach, especially during the holidays. Member Abigail Hoerbert talks about their effort at cleaning up local highways. In Samuelson Sez, Orion says we need to “get food labeling right.” Orion takes a look at lawsuit involving a vegetarian “meat” producer.

Part 7

Orion Samuelson introduces the FFA 2018 Star Farmer, Austin Stanton from Missouri who already has a sizeable farm operation in chicken and eggs.

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