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Top 10 Most Read Stories At BEEFTop 10 Most Read Stories At BEEF

From the freak October blizzard that struck South Dakota to mob grazing and calving tips, here are the 10 most read stories in 2013 at beefmagazine.com.

Jamie Purfeerst

December 31, 2013

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Top 10 Most Read Stories At BEEF

As 2013 comes to a close, we always enjoy looking back at some of the most-read and best stories of the year. These annual lists always have some surprises, but it's clear that practical, production information, as well as timely breaking news, are always a winner. Below are the 10 most-read articles of the year, but there were plenty that just missed the top 10 ranking. What articles did you enjoy reading this year?

  1. Rancher Details “Gut-Wrenching” Pain From Cattle Lost In SD Blizzard

    Freelance writer and rancher Heather Hamilton Maude experienced the tragedy from the freak winter storm that struck the Great Plains in October first hand. Her detailed commentary struck the hearts of readers as she shared her personal hardship. Read more about winter storm Atlas here.

  2. 7 Common Fencing Mistakes

    This always relevant story highlights seven of the most common errors in high-tensile fencing, and how to avoid them. Learn how to make your high-tensile fences secure here.

  3. weaned-beef-calves-Riemer-Ranch009.jpgWhen To Castrate Calves

    It's a question that comes up every year -- what is the best time to castrate my bull calves? BEEF Vet's Opinion Columnist W. Mark Hilton outlines the benefit of castrating a bull calf before weaning in this 2009 article.

  4. Prevention And Treatment Of Cow Prolapse

    With calving season around the corner, number four on the top 10 list will soon be a handy resource for many ranchers. Once a cow has prolapsed, there's a high chance she will repeat the situation next year; here's how to prevent and treat prolapse.

  5. Price-Per-Pound Drives Consumer Beef Sales

    Where can you get outstanding quality beef at the lowest possible price? For Meat Matters columnist Steve Kay, it's Costco. For other readers, it may be another local grocery. Regardless, Kay's story on price-per-pound value hit home with producers and was number 5 on the top 10 list. Read more about Costco and today's value driven consumers here.

  6. Calving Tips For Diagnosing And Treating Coccidiosis In Calves

    One of the five most economically important cattle diseases in the industry, coccidiosis is a costly parasitic disease, primarily in young calves. BEEF freelancer Heather Smith Thomas rounds up veterinarian's tips on how to treat and prevent the cattle disease this calving season.

  7. feedlot-cattle-eating.jpgTemple Grandin Explains Animal Welfare Problems With Beta-Agonists

    Tyson Fresh Meats dropped a “Dear John” bombshell on the industry in early August when they announced they would no longer take cattle fed Zilmax, a beta-agonist by Merck. As other packers followed suit and banned Zilmax-fed cattle from their lines, the fall was filled with news articles analyzing the loss of Zilmax fed cattle, but Temple Grandin's acute look at the effect of Zilmax in terms of animal welfare made the biggest headlines. Read her excellent explanation of beta-agonist and our reader's comments here.

  8. Ranchers Sing The Praises Of Mob Grazing of Cattle

    This intensive grazing story has made our top 10 list for two years straight. This practical, production-based story shares insight from some leading "mob grazers" in the country and explains how-to implement an managed intensive grazing program into your operation.

  9. BEEF Chat: Inside Costco

    Costco finds two spots on the top 10 list! This BEEF Chat is one of many industry one-on-one interviews done in the early 2000s. Read more about the grocery giant here.

  10. Cargill To Shutter Plainview, TX Beef Plant

    Overcapacity has been a hot topic in the beef industry for the past few years. Cargill's January 17th announcement to shutter the Plainview, TX plant sent a ripple effect through the industry. Read about how Cargill's announcement impacted cattle markets here.

Additionally, BEEF Daily blogger Amanda Radke wrapped up her top 10 blog posts for the year here and we will announce our top 10 photo galleries on Thursday! Leave us a comment below with your favorite article in 2013 and we will put all the comments in a hat to be entered to win a BEEF hat! Winners will be selected on Wednesday, January 8th.


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