UNL publishes new livestock-related custom rates

Rates include charges for livestock services, use of necessary equipment, fuel, labor and supplies provided by custom operator.

July 20, 2023

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A new report from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Center for Agricultural Profitability features current rates for custom services related to livestock production in Nebraska. It reflects the results of a statewide survey that was circulated in early 2023 to those who either provide or pay for custom work related to livestock. 

The survey report is divided into sections based on the types of work, which include common custom livestock services, custom feed preparation and delivery charges, custom land/pasture maintenance services, fencing and trenching, livestock hauling, haying and baling, equipment rental and manure hauling and application. 

The report lists the number of reported responses for each service, the average reported rate and a range that reflects the minimum and maximum rates reported. Rates include charges for the use of necessary equipment, fuel, labor and supplies provided by the custom operator. 

This year marks the first publication of the report, which is a companion to the biennial Nebraska Farm Custom Rates Survey Report that features more detailed information about custom service rates related to cropping operations and is typically published in even-numbered years.  

Glennis McClure, a Nebraska Extension educator and farm and ranch management analyst, leads the survey and publication efforts for both reports. 

“While the long-running biennial custom rates report contains some information related to livestock services, we’ve known for some time that there has been demand from livestock operators and service providers for more detailed custom rate information,” she said.

McClure noted that information reported in both publications is intended as a guide when calculating what to charge or pay for custom operations and that actual rates may vary from those listed in the survey due to differences in the operators responding and those providing services across the state. 

The livestock-related survey report provides rates for 53 custom services, based on 91 surveys completed by custom operators and clients across the state. Responses were received from all eight of the state’s USDA-designated Agricultural Statistics Districts and only services that received at least three responses are published in the report.

“We know that the biennial custom rates report is a very widely used publication in the state, so our hope is to continue growing participation in the survey for livestock-related services, to be able to offer the latest and most accurate information possible,” McClure said.

Nebraska custom rates reports are available on the Center for Agricultural Profitability’s website. A webinar covering the new livestock-related report will be held at noon Central time on Aug. 3.



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