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7 ag stories you might have missed this week - June 26, 2020

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Bayer announces Roundup, Dicamba news; NFU blasts EPA over RFS and cows used in the COVID-19 fight.

Need a quick catch up on the news? Here are seven agricultural stories you might have missed.

1.Whatever the legal outcome of the jousting between the EPA and the Appeals Court, federal approval of dicamba runs out in 2020 anyway. "So EPA gets another at-bat," said William Jordan, former EPA deputy director in the office that oversees herbicide regulation. – Marketplace

2. A Sioux Falls, S.D., biotech firm, Sab Biotherapeutics, plans to begin testing human antibodies being produced by a barn full of dairy cattle. The hope is to use the antibodies to fight COVID-19. – The Grand Island Independent

3. Bayer on Wednesday announced a series of agreements to resolve outstanding Monsanto litigation, including Roundup product liability litigation, dicamba drift litigation and PCB water litigation. The U.S. Roundup resolution brings closure to 75% of current Roundup litigation. Two top Bayer investors signaled their support for the settlement. Earlier in the week, a federal judge in Sacramento blocked California from requiring that any company selling a glyphosate-based product place a warning label on the product. – Farm Futures

4. National Farmers Union President Rob Larew blasted the EPA during a Senate hearing. Larew said the agency is a "barrier" to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in biofuels. – The Hill

5. An online course designed to help farmers, their families and their neighbors identify and cope with stress is now available for viewing online. The online course was developed by Michigan State University Extension and University of Illinois Extension and it is free through the support of Farm Credit and others. Total time commitment to view the self-paced course is less than three hours. – Farm Futures

6. What works to contain COVID-19? Masks and social distancing work, according to Jeff Hoschek, an internist and pediatrician who also serves as associate medical director for Country Financial. Hoschek's next big concern is flu season, specifically if COVID-19 and influenza are occurring at the same time. – Prairie Farmer

7. California's agriculture industry, the nation's largest, has already lost $2 billion due to the pandemic and is stands to lose and estimated $8.6 billion this year, according to a new report commissioned by the California Farm Bureau Federation. – Desert Sun

And your bonus.

White's Mill was established in 1916 and looks much as it does today. The first mill was built on the spot on the south bank of the Hocking River near the town of Athens, Ohio, in 1809. The first floor is now home to a retail space and the upper two floors house historical equipment. – Ohio Farmer

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