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Here come the UTVs and ATVs for 2020

What’s New From the Shows: Some new models offer more utility; others are all about sportiness.

Farm Progress staff

If you want a UTV that you can accessorize to the hilt, with every accessory being useful, then Polaris has a new UTV you must see. It is equipped with an optional rack attached to the bed that allows you to snap long-handled tools in place and take them to the worksite with you. The worksite may be your garden, a field or a fencerow where you have weeds to cut and saplings to remove.

The optional accessory shown is only one of many available for this model. You can fit a sprayer in the back and do many other things as well. As you will see in the gallery, you also can put a sprayer tank in the back of the Can-Am Pro HD10 and head to the field.

UTVs are proving useful for spraying fencerows and odd lots, and several companies that offer UTVs also are starting to carry accessories that make them useful for other chores as well.

If you’re after something sportier, check out other new models from Polaris. They say "sport" from the word go. If you have a family that enjoys riding for recreation, these models may appeal to you. They won’t be much help getting hay to the cattle in the pasture or carrying a spray tank to work on weeds in fencerows.

Mahindra introduces an entirely new concept with the Roxor vehicle. It’s economical price tag is turning heads and causing many people to take a second look at this alternative for transportation and utility use around the farm. See what the company has come up with by checking out the gallery.

Follow up on any or all of these new product offerings by using the contact information provided. You also can visit your local dealer to see the actual product, obtain brochures and get more information in general.  

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