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Last call for Cow Power votes!

Lisa Kubik PC-2020-Lisa-Kubik-A-Watchful-Mama.jpeg
There’s still time to vote for your favorite Cow Power photos. The Neogen/Beef photo contest wraps up Feb. 13.

It’s been a fun run the last couple of weeks as we have celebrated the Cow Power that runs our ranches.

Even more fun is getting to know you and your operations a little bit better through photographs. Browsing the images that readers sent in, it’s interesting to see the different environments, breeds and stories behind each cattle operation.

It’s a great reminder that in the cattle business, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and I’m happy for that!

As we wrap up the Cow Power photo contest, sponsored by Neogen, I wanted to remind you all that voting ends at noon Feb. 13!

Check out the complete gallery by clicking here.

You can still vote every day until the contest officially closes, and from there, we’ll tally up the top four photographs and award the individuals who received the most votes with $50 gift cards from Neogen.

Plus, two lucky voters will be randomly selected to win copies of my ranch-themed children’s books, “Can-Do Cowkids” and “Levi’s Lost Calf.” Head on over to vote to make sure your name is in the hat for the drawing!


Thanks again to the photographers, voters and all participants who helped make this photo contest a huge success!

Oh, and we are already receiving messages asking about when the next contest will be! I’m excited to share that we have two contests scheduled for March and April, so watch for updates and keep snapping photos when you’re out doing chores!

Here’s a hint about the next contest theme: As you snap photos, try to capture some of the people who work so hard on your ranch.

Good luck to the 15 finalists, and check BEEF Daily Monday, Feb. 17 when we announce the winners!

The opinions of Amanda Radke are not necessarily those of or Farm Progress.

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