Max Armstrong wishes a Happy Birthday to SPAM. (audio)

The damage tally from our fireworks celebrations is a big one. In Kansas City alone, 90 people treated for fireworks injuries. One person has hand amputated. Mayor of Davenport, Iowa, will reinstate the ban. 

The big agriculture lender Rabobank that they'll likely need to import wheat. All of this because of lowest wheat acreage in 100 years. It will increase costs for buyers.

The phone was ringing off the hook at city hall in West Peoria, Ill. Some Trump supporters found unflattering the portrayals of Trump. The parade has history of being offensive. Float last year showed Hillary Clinton impersonator behind bars and in handcuffs.

Happy Birthday to canned SPAM. It was created 80 years ago this week. SPAM has its own museum in Austin, Minn.

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