Max Armstrong talks eclipse and corn. (audio)

Some of you aren't getting much done today with workplace seized by Eclipse Fever. One firm estimates businesses could lose $700 million because of lost productivity. Could be higher if employers try to stop employees from viewing.

A number of acres of April planted corn in Illinois have died prematurely. Agronomists pondering why it's happening. A lack of water in lighter soils may be the main reason. On the positive side, this corn will dry down quickly.

Eastern central Illinois, corn moisture at 20%, harvested later this week at Half Century of Progress. We'll be there every day.

Western Iowa rains of 3 to 4 inches over past 72 hours. The boost to the soybean yields there could be meaningful.

Another eclipse coming 7 years from now. Depending on how you've handled this one, you may want to plan for the next one.

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