Max Armstrong talks about the people of America's heartland. (podcast)

Channel 7 sports anchor Mark Giangreco has been suspended for a tweet in which he called President Trump a "cartoon lunatic" and the people who voted for him "simpletons."

National Ag Day is less than month away. He's proud to be the voice of National Ag Day radio and TV messages. for more information.

Once you've sat in their homes, learned about their families and their lives, it isn't hard to remember the places in the Midwest. He shares the story of a man driving from Marshalltown, Iowa, to a funeral in Wisconsin. His car broke down in Wild Rose, Wis., and the town's mechanic loaned him his pickup while he worked on his vehicle. "That's how I remember the small towns in the heartland of America. It's the people that never let you forget," Max says.

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