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This Week in Agribusiness, Feb. 16, 2019

Max is at National Farm Machinery Show and Orion and Steve talk markets, new programs and outstanding farmers.

Segment 1

Max was in Louisville at the National Farm Machinery Show. Chad Colby was in Tulare, Cal., at the World Ag Expo. At Louisville, Max spoke with Willie Vogt about what farmers are looking for at the show and what’s coming up.

Orion Samuelson and Steve Bridge talk with Bryce Knorr, Farm Futures, about markets and surveys.

Segment 2

Orion and Steve are back with Bryce, continuing the market talk.

Chad Colby talks ag tech, particularly what he saw at the World Ag Expo.

Max talks tillage at National Farm Machinery Show.

Segment 3

USFRA launched a new program to educate and share knowledge to non-farming neighbors.

Feeding beef cows in cold weather is challenging. Kent Nutrition Group has an option for optimizing feed.

Segment 4

Max and Chad Colby talk about World Ag Expo and National Farm Machinery Show, as well as planting around the corner.

Orion talks about the nation’s four National Outstanding Young Farmers for 2019. The first couple is from Illinois, Derek and Renee Martin.

Greg Soulje talks about weather across the nation.

Segment 5

Greg Soulje talks more about weather, and the outlook over the next four weeks.

Segment 6

Max talks about a 1959 John Deere 530 in Max’s Tractor Shed.

The FFA Chapter Tribute this week goes to the Jefferson FFA in Shenandoah, West Virginia.

Orion offers his insight and commentary in Samuelson Sez, talking about National FFA Week.

Segment 7

Max and Chad join us again from the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville.

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