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This Week in Agribusiness, February 1, 2020

Video-This Week in Agribusiness, February 1, 2020

Max Armstrong and Mike Pearson have a lot to cover between trade, safety and chats with ag experts.

Part 1

Note: The video automatically plays through all show parts once you start.

Max Armstrong and Mike Pearson start off the show with a look at grain bin safety with Nationwide Insurance. Jerry Gidel of Midland Research joins Max and Mike to talk about the impact of coronavirus on the markets and other international trade factors.

Part 2

Jerry Gidel of Midland Research rejoins Max and Mike to talk about ethanol, USDA and other market pressure. Chad Colby in the Colby Ag Tech segment discusses planter preparation for 2020.

Part 3

Max Armstrong talks with Dr. David Kohl at the Farm Futures Summit about the future for plant-based competitors for meat and environmental messages for all farmers and how to get a positive message to consumers. Max also talks to Dr. Barry Flinchbaugh about the federal deficit and how the it affects our economy and the 2020 election.

Part 4

Max and Mike take a look at a brand new farm shop owned by Cory Atley in Ohio. Max interviews Ohio Farm Bureau’s Frank Burkett about prospects for growing with younger farmers. Agricultural Meteorologist Greg Soulje joins Max and Steve to look at the forecast for the week ahead.

Part 5

Agricultural Meteorologist Greg Soulje returns to take a look at the long-range weather picture.

Part 6

In Max’s Tractor Shed, Max shows the results of his call for heat houser photos. Mike Pearson profiles AAshley FFA in Ashley, North Dakota. This brand new club is already growing quickly with a lot of community engagement. Member Caitlin Molter talks about how the young club has gotten its start.  

Part 7

Max Armstrong checks in the Chip Bowling, chairman of USFRA and how their relatively new organization is expanding and advocating for farmers and ranchers.

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