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This Week in Agribusiness, February 6, 2021

Mike Pearson visits a real, in-person farm show in Iowa and we look at the cattle market and the Ag Economy Barometer.

Part 1

Note: The video automatically plays through all show parts once you start.

Mike Pearson kick off the show with a look at the Iowa Ag Expo which actually happened in-person. Dennis Smith of Archer Financial Services joins Mike to talk about the cattle market.

Part 2

Dennis Smith of Archer Financial Services rejoins Mike to talk more about the beef market, but also hogs and China. In the Colby Ag Tech segment Chad is checking the best way to keep your Apple devices up-to-date.

Part 3

Mike and Max Armstrong talk about the Iowa Ag Expo and how it went and what it might mean for other farm shows. Max reviews the Ag Economy Barometer and why it dropped in the most recent survey.

Part 4

Mike Pearson reports again from the Iowa Ag Expo, this time chatting with Matt Jungmann, director of the Farm Progress Show. Agricultural Meteorologist Greg Soulje has the weather for the week ahead.

Part 5

Agricultural Meteorologist Greg Soulje returns to take a look at the long-range weather picture.

Part 6

In Max’s Tractor Shed, Max introduces a 1958 jFord 861 with a sweet cold-weather cab, owned by Derrick Hill of California, Mo. In the FFA Chapter Tribute segment Mike Pearson is talking to Lexi Mueller, Illinois FFA State President. The FFA is a family tradition that she plans to continue even further. In Samuelson Sez, Orion Samuelson has a few questions for you.

Part 7

Mike Pearson introduces a chat Max had with Jake Jass of Copperhead Ag Products at last year’s Farm Progress Virtual Experience.

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