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This Week in Agribusiness – Jan. 19, 2019

Max Armstrong and Mike Adams share reports from American Farm Bureau, and a look at a foundation that supports rodeo athletes.

Note: Start the video and all parts will play through as the full show

Part 1

Max Armstrong and Mike Adams note short-term opening of half of the USDA Farm Service Offices; they look at the National Western Stock Show in Denver that moves to a new space in 2020. Max also checked in at the 100th meeting of the American Farm Bureau Federation, where he talks with Zippy Duvall, AFBF president. Max and Mike talk markets with Clayton Pope, Clayton Pope Securities.

Part 2

Max Armstrong and Mike Adams continue their market conversation with Clayton Pope, Clayton Pope Securities. In Colby Agtech, Chad Colby offers a look at CES in Las Vegas, one of the largest tech showcases in the world. Max talks with Dan Wolfson, IBM Watson Media & Weather Division, talks about the use of technology in agriculture.

Part 3

Max Armstrong and Mike Adams shares a report from Jamie Johansen who offers a look at the Western Sports Foundation that supports Professional Bull Riders. Max talks with Matt Olson, marketing manager, John Deere, about the use of information and data on the farm.

Part 4

Max Armstrong and Mike Adams open this segment with a look at the 100th anniversary of the American Farm Bureau Federation talking with Zippy Duvall, president, who discusses the expanding mission of the organization. Ken Culp, III, University of Kentucky, talks with Max about getting the millennial farmer involved in agriculture, and that it’s the cause that matters. Max continues his Best of the Farm Progress Show series talking with Paul and Jason Kaeb about a new conveyor the company has launched. Ag Meteorologist Greg Soulje looks at weather for the week ahead.

Part 5

Ag Meteorologist Greg Soulje looks at weather for the next few weeks, with an eye on precipitation.

Part 6

In Max’s Tractor Shed, Max looks at a 1962 John Deere 3010 included in the John Deere Calendar from the Wiota John Deere Collector’s Club. The highlight is the 3010 owned by Eric and Rhonda Strothman, South Wayne, Wis.; it’s still at work. Mike Adams profiles Riverside Christian FFA in Fayetteville, Tenn. Member Madde Shelton shares why she is excited to be part of this FFA chapter.

Part 7

Max Armstrong and Mike Adams close this week’s show with an interesting report. American Farm Bureau Federation honored Woody, a special farm dog, from Texas who is a lifesaver.

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