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What’s New From the Shows: Products can help you feed livestock on the farm or ranch.

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November 8, 2023

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How could there be nearly two dozen new products related to feeding livestock at fall farm shows? After all, what is complicated about equipment that feeds animals? The answer is simple. Companies that specialize in feeding equipment for livestock listen to their customers. They pay attention when they hear about problems or when they hear about a good idea. Then they either come up with a completely new product based on a simple idea, they tweak an existing product to incorporate the new twist observed though watching animals eat, or through experience, or both.

Lots of those ideas came together and resulted in new products this year. Here is just a peak at a few of the products on this long list. Be sure to check out each new product. Use the information provided to follow up with dealers who represent the product. You will find helpful information and details on the web sites provided for these products as well.

Big square bale feeder from S.I. Feeders. What could be new and exciting about a hay feeder? Just like it can be tough to fit a square peg into a round hole, it can be inefficient to spend time fitting a large square bale into a big round bale feeder. Now, you do not have to do it. SI introduces a feeder designed from scratch for big square bales. You won’t waste nearly as much hay since you are using a feeder designed for big square bales. It may sound like a “Why didn’t I think of that?” idea. Well, S.I. Feeders did think of it!

Hustler GrappleMax LX 240. Go beyond feeding with this multipurpose bucket, perfectly equipped to handle bales, silage, snow and dirt alike. It’s built with long life and durability in mind. It’s also available with optional excavator teeth and an extra cutting blade to handle the toughest chores. These features will likely make this your “go-to” bucket for handling feed.

Better mixing, improved performance. You will be hard-pressed to find a better feed mixer that produces consistent, accurate feed rations for your cattle or sheep than the Highline Manufacturing AMX 850T machine. Twin vertical mixing screws and prominent divides inside the tub eliminate blind spots where feed can hang up and, as a result, not be mixed properly with minerals, supplements and other dry key ingredients. Choose from three conveyor options. You will appreciate dual axles and high-flotation tires when weather conditions make the feedlot less than ideal.

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