Exports, markets, forages & feeding a hungry world

Will U.S. beef production keep up with the growing middle class around the world? Is red meat really a heart-healthy food? When will cattle markets turn around? How much winter feed should be stockpiled?

Amanda Radke

December 28, 2016

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Exports, markets, forages & feeding a hungry world
Amanda Radke

Catch up on top industry news with this round up of key headlines. These articles answer questions on beef production, cattle markets, exports and your winter feed needs.

1. “Feeding cattle and a hungry world” by Bryce Winfrey for The Agriculturalist, Texas Tech University

Winfrey writes, “The world’s population has surpassed the 7 billion mark and is well on its way to reaching 9.5 billion people by 2050. Last year, 9 million people died from hunger, compared to the 1.21 million deaths caused by road accidents, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization.”

2. “Nutrition data review shows red meat has neutral effect on cardiovascular disease risk factors” from Purdue University

“Consuming red meat in amounts above what is typically recommended does not affect short-term cardiovascular disease risk factors, such as blood pressure and blood cholesterol,” according to a new review featured on Science Daily.

3. “Cattle market not out of its rut yet” by Lisa Young for AgriNews.com

Young writes, “This year was a rough one for beef producers. Two experts broke down how things stand and where they are headed in the marketplace during the recent Minnesota Cattle Industry Convention.”

4. “Size matters when it comes to forages fed to beef cattle” by Kay Ledbetter for AgriLife Today

Just how much forage does a ruminant need if a ruminant does need forage? Jenny Jennings, a Texas A&M AgriLife Research beef nutritionist in Amarillo, and her team are on their second research trial aimed at determining forage needs for proper rumination in beef cattle consuming high concentrate diets.

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