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What’s New From the Shows: Livestock producers should check out these products.

November 30, 2021

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Livestock producers often come up with new ways to do things better, because they have from dozens to hundreds or even thousands of animals testing out products on a daily basis. If animals don’t think of it, it probably isn’t worth trying. Companies that listen to what producers learn over time usually figure out how to tweak existing products to come up with something even better.

You can see that kind of toughness in the feeders featured in the new product lineups from various companies. West Point Design offers a Bunk-all feeder that should be a challenge for even the roughest, toughest cattle to damage. S.I. Feeders also comes to the market with a wasteless feeder so animals use more of the product.

At the same time, several companies are offering upgraded or improved designs in grinder mixers and feed wagons, designed to deliver total mixed rations to bunks to feed cattle or sheep. Lankota introduced an affordable, easy-to-operate-and-service corn cracker for producers who just want cracked corn and not finely ground feed. The name, Corn Cracker, may not be innovative, but the durability, affordability and simplicity should make this product a winner on feedlots and farms across the country.

Bridgestone’s Bale King grinder and Highline’s Top Gun bale processor will appeal to those who process large quantities of baled forage. Be sure to check out all the offerings in this lineup and use the contact information provided to learn more.

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