Make the most of your ionophore

Feed efficiency and weight gain are profit drivers. Learn from top nutrition experts about how an ionophore can help you meet your production goals.

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February 28, 2018

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Make the most of your ionophore

The ration plays a critical role in cattle performance. Feed is important for delivering protein, energy, vitamins and minerals to cattle. Maximizing weight gains and efficiency is the goal.

There are several advantages to having an ionophore that increases feed efficiency and weight gain.


Finish cattle faster. By including an ionophore that improves feed efficiency and weight gain, you’ll see a higher feed intake with similar feed conversion, which gives you a greater average daily gain (ADG).

More pounds of live and carcass weight. More pounds mean more dollars in your pocket. An ionophore in your ration that gives an advantage in ADG can lead to improved gains and more weight.

Greater return on investment. Regardless of the state of the cattle market, there’s always room to improve return on investment.  The first step is to evaluate and scrutinize every input going into the feed ration. Challenge your ionophore input to do more than improve feed efficiency. Also, look at convenience while evaluating ionophore inputs.

Flexibility to improve performance and health. You will continue to get performance advantages from your ionophore that increase weight gain but also have the flexibility of including a chlortetracycline for treating and controlling bacterial pneumonia caused by Pasteurella species and treating bacterial enteritis caused by E. coli when needed. You won’t have to make a choice between performance and health.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to getting your ration right. Properly maintained feeding equipment, consistency in mixing rations, mixing properly and delivering to cattle at a consistent time are just a few things that are likely on your mind. So, as you think about your ionophore choices, consider more than just feed efficiency.

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