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Unorthodox Ration Balancing System Offers AdvantagesUnorthodox Ration Balancing System Offers Advantages

Chemistry-based system provides knowledge for on-the-go decisions in pasture management and supplementation.

May 18, 2014

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Unorthodox Ration Balancing System Offers Advantages

Mark Bader, the proprietor of Free Choice Enterprises in Wisconsin, uses an unusual but potentially valuable method of balancing rations, including grazed-forage diets.

It began many years ago when his father and two other researchers explored the idea that all living things, regardless of where they fall in the food chain, are composed primarily of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.

Essentially, this is a chemistry-based ration formulation/analysis instead of the more common analysis of fats, proteins, forages and feedstuffs.

To read more about this method of balancing rations, click here.


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