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Global Animal Management Partners With North American Limousin Foundation

Tri-Merit® Age and Source Program Adds Value for Producers

Global Animal Management, part of Merck Animal Health, announces a partnership with the North American Limousin Foundation. The foundation, known as NALF, now offers enhanced value in verification of age and source, and non-hormone treated cattle (NHTC) through this partnership.

“As the new age and source provider for the North American Limousin Foundation, Tri-Merit® will continue to allow cattle producers to collect and certify information about individual animals,” said Global Animal Management Marketing Manager Tucker Schumacher. “Animals that are age-, source- and process-verified yield higher potential premiums at sale time.”

In order to maximize the benefit to producers, NALF has partnered with Tri-Merit, a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Process Verified Program (PVP). NALF’s LimMark and LimChoice tagging programs aid Limousin owners in identifying their cattle and positioning themselves for greater returns by coupling reputable genetics with documented information. Cattle enrolled in the program must be source and age-verified and now have the option to be verified in NHTC programs for added value. By partnering with Tri-Merit, NALF acts to make programs and export markets more easily accessible for Limousin customers.

“Tri-Merit offers third-party verification and services to its customers, like 24-7 online certificate printing, that makes it easy for our customers,” NALF Director of Commercial Marketing Joe Epperly said. “Age and source verification allows Limousin seedstock customers and their commercial producers an opportunity to have a premium for their cattle beyond just being Limousin-sired. NALF members, who are selling bulls to commercial customers, give those customers the ability to sell for a premium, in turn driving demand for their bulls and building customer satisfaction.”

To enroll for this service, producers follow three simple steps: complete an age and source questionnaire; fax or mail the completed questionnaire and supporting documents to NALF Headquarters; and then visit with a Tri-Merit representative. The enrollment informational packet is available online at or by calling (800) 235-9824.

“It’s as simple as 1-2-3, pulling up the package, sending in your documentation and waiting on the phone call to confirm and get your certificates,” Epperly said. “For foundation members and commercial cattlemen, this provides an opportunity to increase the bottom line through enhanced verification and expanded markets.”

Annually, NALF fosters more than 4,000 active members who register nearly 40,000 head. Native to the old provinces of Limousin and Marche in central France, Limousin cattle have evolved into a breed of unusual sturdiness, health and adaptability. As the first Limousin bulls began to arrive in the United States in 1971, producers interested in the breed realized the need for an organization to promote and develop it in the United States and Canada.

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