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USDA Crop Progress Report: 95% Of Corn Planted; Emergence at 85%

corn planting slow in 2013 crop progress
Four states reported completion of corn planting as of June 9. These include Colorado, Nebraska, North Carolina and Ohio. USDA's June 9 Crop Progress report indicates corn planting in the 18 selected states is at 95%, just off the 98% pace of the five-year average. Pasture and range is generally in Fair to Good condition.

Corn planting and emergence has made some headway in the past two weeks, but still lags last year and the five-year average, according USDA’s latest Crop Progress report. As of June 9, USDA reports that 95% of the corn had been planted in the 18 states that accounted for 92% of the 2012 corn acreage. That compares to 100% of the crop planted the same time last year, and the five-year average (2008-12) of 98%. The June 2 figure was 91%.

Four states reported completion of corn planting as of June 9. These include Colorado, Nebraska, North Carolina and Ohio. South Dakota was at 99%, while Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee and Texas were at 98% planted. Wisconsin was most behind at 81%. North Carolina was the only state reporting 100% corn planting being completed on June 2.

Meanwhile, 85% of corn was reported as emerged as of June 9. This compares to last year’s 99% at this time, and the five-year average of 92%. The June 2 figure was 74%. North Carolina led with 100% of its corn emerged. Texas is at 96%, and Tennessee and Ohio at 94%. Trailing the most was Wisconsin at 60%, compared to 95% last year at this time.

Pasture and range condition in the 48 states were rated as generally Fair to Good. As of June 9, 39% of pasure and range was rated in Good condition, while 27% was rated in Fair condition. Another 10% was rated Excellent, with 9% Very Poor and 15% Poor.  Last year at this time, 9% of pasture and range in the 48 states was rated as Very Poor, 18% Poor, 32% Fair, 36% Good and 5% Excellent.

New Mexico posted the worst pasture and range conditions for the week, with 65% in Very Poor condition (and a total of 97% in Poor and Very Poor condition. Arizona posted 40% in Very Poor condition, with 37% in Poor condition. and 77% in, and Nevada and Colorado registered 58% in Poor and Very Poor condition.

South Carolina led the way with 50% of its range and pasture rated as Excellent,  25% in Good condition, and 25% in Fair condition. Massachusetts pasture and range condition was rated as 100% in Good condition.

You can access the PDF of the Crop Progress report here, and the text version here.


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