How to choose an energizer for your electric fence system

Selecting an electric fence energizer can be confusing. This guide will help you identify the best electric fence energizer for your needs. Your fence energizer is the heart of your electric fence system. It is imperative that you to select the right Energizer to successfully contain or exclude animals.

August 31, 2018

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How to choose an energizer for your electric fence system

Animal type

One of the first questions you need to answer is what animal type are you fencing in or keeping out? For example, animals like sheep and goats have thick coats and their wool and hair will somewhat insulate them from the shock of an electric fence. In these cases, you will need a larger energizer than you would normally recommend for cattle or horses. Energizer manufacturers will indicate the animals controlled on the packaging to aid in selection.


Power source

You also need to determine what your power source will be.  Energizers may be powered by a 110v outlet (standard electrical plug-in outlet), battery or even a solar panel.  The most preferred option would be using a 110v outlet because the power is consistent and you don't need to worry about recharging or replacing the battery when it wears. 

In addition, 110v Energizers are less expensive to purchase when comparing to a similar size battery/solar model.  However, in many instances, such as remote areas, a battery or solar powered energizer might be the only option and best choice.  One benefit of using a solar energizer is it will keep the battery charged for you.



The mileage or acreage ratings of the energizer are also noted on the packaging. The distance rating is usually based on installing in optimum conditions. It is always suggested that you purchase a larger energizer (determined by distance) than you need to allow for expansion and to also compensate for power loss when grass and other vegetation touches the fence. Grass and vegetation will act as a load on the system and absorb some of the energy used to shock an animal, diluting the shock.

Electric Fence Energizer Selection Tools

There are a number of useful online tools available to help you choose the right energizer as well as helping you build a complete fencing system based on your needs.

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