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The Cost of Being Green: Blindness, Malnutrition, and Death

Being green is the in thing today.

Being green is the in thing today. Green advocates self-righteously admonish the rest of us to change our ways and save the planet. Our lifestyles, our autos, our clothes, and our food are all derided for the harm they do the environment. We are told - if we don’t mend our ways - plague, death, and environmental devastation will follow. What is seldom revealed is that the green movement, in its pursuit of environmental purity, has caused massive suffering and death on a scale to dwarf the devastation we are seeing in Haiti today.

Greenpeace, one of the oldest, largest, and richest green groups is responsible for the deaths of millions of people. According to the Center for Global Food Issues, Greenpeace’s opposition to biotechnology has resulted in massive human suffering in many developing countries, “Greenpeace and its eco-allies claimed - without evidence - that such genetic engineering is a ‘danger to the planet.’” It has successfully blocked the use of biotech crops that would help cure disease and malnutrition in many nations in Africa and other Third World nations.

According to Dennis Avery, with the Center for Global Food Issues which is a division of the Hudson Institute, “500,000 kids go blind every year - and even die - due to severe Vitamin A deficiency (VAD). But we’re not preventing the blindness or the deaths. Instead, we’re accepting the tragedy of millions of blind kids, plus the deaths of hundreds of thousands of pregnant women who die from needless birth complications, also due to VAD.”

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