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Environmental Groups – Bogus Information

You have to wonder when the public will finally grow weary of claims by environmental groups more interested in fund-raising than truth-telling.

If environmental groups don’t drive U.S. agriculture back into subsistence farming, it won’t be for lack of trying. A few days ago, the nation’s media outlets received a press release with this headline:

“New Report Reveals Dramatic Rise in Pesticide Use on Genetically Engineered Crops Due to the Spread of Resistant Weeds. GE Crops Increase Herbicide use by 383 million pounds from 1996 to 2008.”

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The article went on to say its author, The Organic Center’s Charles Benbrook, presents “compelling evidence linking the increase in pesticide use on GE, ‘herbicide-tolerant’ crops to the emergence and spread of herbicide-resistant weeds.

Well, duh. Anyone knows that if you increase the sprays of a herbicide, chances are some of the weeds will become resistant.

To read the entire article, link here.

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