Jury Still Out in U.K. on BSE-Human Connection

For 12 years, the United Kingdom has been in a media frenzy about a connection between BSE and humans.

After 12 years, the U.K. Food Standards Agency (FTA) admits there is no connection between BSE and Humans.

This all began, when Conservative MP Stephen Dorrel, said in the House of Commons, London, on March 20 1996 that “there was the possibility of a link between BSE and CJD”. Of course, the media and other nation's governments soon followed in this line of thinking.

However, did you know the English government spent 1996 to 1998 testing sheep’s blood rather that cattle blood, to try and find a link between beef or by products in the food chain and the human illness of CJD? With billions of dollars spent on this research, we are still not closer to finding any accurate results.

Meanwhile, Bovine Tuberculosis is on the rise, a deadly disease for humans. Additionally, Foot and Mouth Disease also remains a concern in the global markets.