4 ways to enjoy Deli Meat Month

Want to enjoy beef on the go? Consider adding these beef deli meats to the menu during the month of March and encourage consumers to do the same.

Amanda Radke

March 5, 2018

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4 ways to enjoy Deli Meat Month
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - OCTOBER 3: A pastrami on rye sandwich sits on the counter at Carnegie Deli, October 3, 2016 in New York City. Last week, the famed deli, known for its large pastrami and corned beef sandwiches, announced they will close at the end of the year. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)Getty Images|Drew Angerer

March is a busy month for many ranchers. With calving season in full swing and spring field work just around the corner, there’s plenty to do outside. The hustle and bustle of this time of year means long days, late nights and meals on the go. For our family, we often rely on deli meats for a quick and easy source of protein that can be eaten in the truck, tractor or on the run.

It’s only fitting that the North American Meat Institute (NAMI) and the beef checkoff have teamed up to celebrate deli meats throughout the month of March.

“March is a fitting time for Deli Meat Month because it’s also when we celebrate National Nutrition Month,” said Janet Riley, NAMI senior vice president of public affairs, in a recent press release. “Deli meats are convenient and versatile choices, packed with protein, and also providing important nutrients like vitamin B-12 and zinc that help power you though the day.”

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Deli meats can be enjoyed between two slices of bread, with crackers and cheese, in salads or rolled up and enjoyed solo. NAMI offers four ideas to enjoy healthy, protein-packed beef deli meats this March, including:

1. Roast Beef

According to the NAMI press release, “This beloved classic can be found at deli counters everywhere. Sliced thin on crusty bread and served au jus, or thick cut and Italian-seasoned with horseradish mayonnaise, deli roast beef is an extra-juicy, mouth-watering way to pack protein into your diet with 10g of protein, 2g fat and 60 calories per 2 oz. serving!”

2. Corned Beef

“Although most attribute this versatile meat to the Irish and St. Patrick’s Day, in fact, it’s historically an American tradition. Soaked, salted with ‘corn’ shaped grains of salt and boiled, this brisket is versatile as a main dish, sliced on a Reuben or chopped as hash alongside your eggs! Lean corned beef provides great taste and protein with 11g of protein, 10g of fat and 140 calories per 2oz. serving,” says NAMI.

3. Pastrami

“This delicious beef variety is a cultural phenomenon. Its European heritage, creative smoking preparation and seasonings crossed over to the U.S., landing in New York City to the famous New York delis where, between two simple pieces of rye bread, a star was born. Similar to corned beef, lean pastrami boasts of 12g of protein, 3g of fat and 80 calories per 2oz. serving.Visit www.meatpoultrynutrition.org/productcenter/pastrami for fun facts, trivia and interesting preparation ideas,” suggests NAMI.

4. Beef salami

“Beef salami is an American favorite showcasing texture, spices and tremendous flavor,” adds NAMI. “Eaten alone, on a sandwich, with cheeses and crackers - boarded charcuterie-style, as a salad topping, or chopped and added to egg or pasta dishes – the versatility is endless. Known for shelf life and ease of handling and storing, these traditional beef varieties offer flexibility and flavor. Lean beef salami offers 7g protein, 13g fat and 150 calories per 2oz. serving.”

For additional deli meat facts and recipes during #DeliMeatMonth check out www.meatpoultrynutrition.org.

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I love this promotion, not just because my family enjoys daily meats during the busy work week, but because the recent beef checkoff promotions seem to be really tuning into the wants and needs of today’s busy consumers.

Deli meats can be used as affordable packed lunches to take to work or to put in your kids’ book bags for an afternoon snack before practice. Deli meats can even be used to make the latest foodie trend, beefshi!

Join the conversation and showcase how you enjoy deli meats on the go by using the hashtag #DeliMeatMonth on social media all March long.

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