7 ag stories you might have missed this week - Feb. 23, 2018

Planting estimates, ARC payments and Outstanding Young Farmers among topics in news this week.

Janet Kubat Willette, E-Content Editor

February 24, 2018

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Need a quick catch up on the news? Here are seven agricultural stories you might have missed this week.

1. Checks for 2017 ARC payments won’t be in the mail for months. But the first glimpse of county level yield data suggests most growers don’t need to be waiting by the mailbox. Most likely won’t get any payment as the program heads into its final year under the current Farm Bill. – Farm Futures

2. From first generation to fifth generation, winners of this year's National Outstanding Young Farmers represent the diversity of American agriculture. The winners: Ian and Val Plagge of Iowa, Sam and Jenn Zimmermann of Wisconsin, Nick and Sunny Cummings of Ohio, and Robby and Stephanie Bevis  of Arkansas. – Missouri Ruralist

3. USDA released its first planting estimates of the year at its annual Agricultural Outlook Forum. – Farm Futures

4. A Jan. 29 land sale in Ohio’s Mercer County brought out the bidders. A total of 10 different bidders purchased 604 acres, with some land bringing up to $11,883 per acre. – Ohio Farmer 

5. Dr. Harry Kaiser, professor of applied economics and management at Cornell University, recently analyzed the combined effect of USGC member support and funding from USDA’s Market Access Program and Foreign Market Development program. He found U.S. Grains Council activities created 23,699 full-time jobs. – Farm Futures 

6. The number of small and midsize farms across Nebraska has decreased while the number of larger farms has risen. Farms with more than $500,000 in annual sales more than tripled between 1997 and 2012. Farms with revenue between $100,000 and $499,999 decreased 20%. – U.S. News and World Report

7. Agricultural Secretary Sonny Perdue wants a separate immigration program for agricultural workers. He says people coming to America working in agriculture aren’t taking jobs from Americans. – Reuters 

And your bonus.

The U.S. drought footprint is the largest it has been since February 2013. – Farm Futures

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