CERES TAG: Leading the charge in livestock management and productivity across the U.S.

CERES TAG is leading the technological movement by providing innovative solutions to enhance livestock management and regulatory compliance.

June 13, 2024

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As the U.S. agricultural sector continues to evolve with technological advancements, CERES TAG is leading the movement by providing innovative solutions to enhance livestock management and regulatory compliance. This Australian-born, direct-to-satellite technology is rapidly gaining traction across both research and commercial applications in the U.S., revolutionizing the industry by improving production and profitability through groundbreaking innovations such as Pasture Feed Intake (PFI).

Driving Efficiency and Compliance with Pasture Feed Intake (PFI) Technology

CERES TAG's PFI technology is at the core of its success, allowing farmers to accurately monitor and manage the feed intake of their livestock. Without the need for any additional terrestrial infrastructure, this innovation helps optimize feed conversion efficiency, leading to healthier animals and more profitable farming practices. The advanced algorithms provide vital data on methane emissions and feed conversion ratios, enabling farmers to make informed decisions and enhance overall productivity.

Conforming to New Regulatory Standards

In light of the new U.S. Bill in Congress requiring deforestation-free supply chains, CERES TAG is uniquely positioned to ensure compliance. The smart ear tags automatically generate evidence needed to prove adherence to these stringent environmental standards, thereby eliminating any risk of greenwashing. This automation not only provides certainty but also helps farmers maintain transparency and accountability in their operations.

Expanding Distribution in North America

On the back of record global sales driven by the uptake of the Pasture Feed Intake capabilities, CERES TAG signed Animal Health Express as its first official distributor in the U.S. Renowned for its reliable supply of veterinary, equine and livestock products, Animal Health Express became the first of a growing list of distribution partnerships, promising even wider access to CERES TAG’s pioneering technology across U.S.A. and Mexico.

Advancing Livestock Management through Technology

CERES TAG's impact on livestock management through its smart ear tags includes several cutting-edge features:

  • Methane Emissions Estimations: By estimating methane emissions, CERES TAG helps farmers mitigate environmental impact.

  • Feed Conversion Efficiency: Enhanced oversight on feed intake leads to improved conversion rates and better livestock health.

  • Phenotype for Genetic Selection: Automated data collection supports genetic selection, promoting the breeding of superior livestock.

  • Notification of Stock Theft: Timely alerts notify farmers of theft attempts, significantly reducing losses due to criminal activities.

  • Eliminating Cattle Fraud: Ensures the authenticity of livestock records, eliminating fraudulent claims.

  • Automated Notification Traceability Over State Borders: With globally available connectivity, CERES TAG provides seamless tracking and traceability of livestock movements across state lines, ensuring regulatory compliance.

A Vision for Productive and Profitable Farming

CERES TAG’s mission to enhance livestock management aligns perfectly with the evolving needs of modern agriculture. By deploying intelligent and automated solutions, CERES TAG is enabling farmers to boost productivity transparency, and adhere to new regulations effortlessly.

For further information about CERES TAG’s innovative livestock management solutions and its expanding network of distributors, visit CERES TAG’s website and Animal Health Express’s website.

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