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What’s new from the shows: These specialized products will help complete tough tasks.

November 10, 2018

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By Farm Progress staff

Your needs around the farm likely range from how to clear a few overgrown trees in fence rows to which truck to buy for tough jobs around the farm. Companies that make products are aware of your needs. They’re not only continuing to offer products which have proved dependable for years, but they’re also bringing out new products with improved features to help you complete these tasks which are essential — but don’t directly relate to planting, spraying or harvesting corn, soybeans or other crops.

If you’ve got fence rows you want to clear and trees in those fence row which are nearly too big to call just brush, check out Bradco’s new tree cutter. You could describe it as a rotary mower, but it’s specifically designed to clean up areas with brush. The kicker is that company spokespersons say it will handle trees up to 7 inches in diameter. That’s more than just clearing brush!

If you’ve got material to move around the farm, there are products that fit that bill as well. Caterpillar introduces a new series of wheel loaders. Jenkins Iron and Steel brings a high dump bucket to market. MDS has a new industrial-grade bucket that you can order with or without a grapple that would help hold bulky loads in place.

Shaver introduces a new post driver with unique features as well. Check out the entire offering of special products, and use the contact information to follow up with companies about their products.

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