Get to know the 2019 Seedstock 100 operations

Jamie Purfeerst, Senior Associate Editor

January 4, 2019

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The cattle business has always been about relationships, and a handshake still seals plenty of deals. But in a business as extensive as the cattle business, it’s hard to know everyone. That’s why BEEF assembled this gallery of short bios and photos from the ranches listed in the Seedstock 100. These ranchers are among the biggest seedstock suppliers in the country and we share a snapshot of their operation, plus all the necessary information to contact them if you’re looking for genetics to enhance your cow herd.

You can also view this information as a sortable data table here.

And also check out BEEF’s Seedstock Directory, a list of many top seedstock operations that, while they may not market enough bulls to make the Seedstock 100 list, offer outstanding genetics for cow-calf producers. Click here for the Seedstock Directory.

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