MIDDAY Midwest Digest (August 31, 2018)

In the Midday Midwest Digest, we hear how the West Nile Virus is impacting the Midwest and the thousands of earthquakes plaguing South Dakota.

August 31, 2018

In today's Midday Midwest Digest, we learn how the West Nile Virus is taking lives in the Midwest. The main symptoms are flu-like and include a fever with body aches. The mosquito carried virus will be a problem until the first hard frost this fall. Plus, many are talking about the thousands of earthquakes being felt in Harper County, South Dakota. The area has been having the earthquakes since 2012 when fracking began there. And a set of parents in Ann Arbor, Michigan are fighting for their children's playhouse. The couple didn't secure permits from the city and so far they have racked up $1,200 in fines and could face up to $5,000 more plus jail time. Check out today's Midday Midwest Digest. 

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