Max Armstrong shares comments about the gray wolf. (podcast)

January 18, 2017

In Warren, Michigan, a Detroit suburb that is the third largest city in Michigan, there are calls for the mayor to resign after a recording surfaced in which derogatory comments are made about women, minorities and the disabled. The mayor says it's not him on the recording.

The strength of the U.S. dollar hasn't been helpful to our exports, because it makes our exports more expensive. However, it may help corn farmers as corn farmers in Mexico cut back 40% and corn imports are expected to jump 20%, with most of that coming from the U.S. 

Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and Wyoming are joining together to remove federal protections for gray wolves in favor of state regulations. The growing wolf numbers have become a problem for ranchers.

The Women's March on Washington is Saturday and there will be Sister Marches across the region. The women are marching for a variety of reasons, but they hope to pull together a spectrum of activists opposed to Donald Trump.

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