Max Armstrong offers congratulations to Donnie Rodgers, a 70-year Wells Fargo employee. (podcast)

January 31, 2017

There's always somebody trying to make what yours theirs. In Michigan, 33 people plead guilty to stealing personal information from military veterans and prison inmates.

WalletHub is out with the list of the most educated states in America. Only five heartland states rank in the top 20. It's an interesting map. Of the 48 mainland states, the northern tend to be the most educated. Colorado ranks third and Minnesota came in 8th. Kansas, Illinois and Nebraska are in the top 20.

Commodity traders haven't been this bullish on the soybean market since last summer. There was a significant selloff in the bean market. Trades don't want to be caught flat-footed as Argentina, which exports half of the bean meal traded in this world, has had weather that's been both too wet and too dry this spring.

Wells Fargo has 270,000 employees, but none have been in the banking business as long as Donnie Rodgers, who's worked at the bank in Knoxville, Iowa, for 70 years. About 400 people showed up for a party to celebrate his 70th anniversary at the bank. He first came in for a loan to buy 4-H calves.

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