Steve Alexander fills in for Max Armstrong today and talks about Caterpillar moving to Chicago. (podcast)

February 1, 2017

@MaxArmstrong where you find Max on Twitter had retweet yesterday from @TrooperBen

Lot of moving along in Nashville where NCBA convention is taking place. That's where Max is.

36-year-old William Ryan Owens, a Navy SEAL from Peoria, Illinois, is first military casualty during the Donald Trump administration.

The places most dependent on trade are the smaller cities in the Midwest and Southeast and they voted for Donald Trump. Those who voted for the president are the ones that would be hit hardest in a trade war.

There are expected to be 100 people in the new Caterpillar headquarters in Chicago by the end of the year. Caterpillar is moving its headquarters from Peoria. In a move similar to ADM, Caterpillar is moving its headquarters to Chicago because it's easier to get around the world where there is an international airport in the city and it's also easier to recruit talent.

Fisk Johnson gave $150 to Cornell School of Business. 

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