Max Armstrong says America's drivers are becoming more dangerous everyday. (podcast)

February 22, 2017

America's drivers are becoming more dangerous everyday. Texting is pushing up auto insurance rates. The use of smartphones to talk, text and access the internet is a factor behind those collisions. It's an epidemic issue for this country. State Farm released results of survey two years ago where 36% of people admit to texting while driving. We suspect it's gotten worst since then.

In Iowa, bicycles would be required to have front and rear lights and motorists must change lanes when passing a cyclist under a bill introduced in the Iowa House Monday. 

The number of farms in this country is down 8,000 farms from a year ago, according to data from USDa. Total land in farm is 911 million acres, 1 million acre decrease. 442 is average farm size, up one acre. In the Midwest, South Dakota has the largest average farm size, Tennessee has the smallest average farm size.

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