Max Armstrong talks about President Trump's visit to Nashville. (audio)

March 16, 2017

The press reports from Nashville said there sure were protesters, but they were overshadowed as Trump got 'rock star' welcome. Supporters optimism was palatable throughout the day.

We're in our countdown to National Agriculture Day, which takes place next Tuesday. Did you know there's a modern farm combine that can harvest enough wheat in one 8 hour day to produce one million one-pound loaves of bread?

A Jefferson, Iowa, hunter has pleaded guilty to poaching deer. 

Conservation officials in Minnesota have charged two men with whole bunch of trapping violations in northeast part of the state. The two men were ages 68 and 70. At least one wolf was trapped illegally. They caught some bobcats in those traps, pelts estimated at value of $30 to $100. The traps were checked regularly so animals suffered for days. 

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