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Max Armstrong talks about impact of tariff on tobacco growers. (audio)

April 10, 2018

Have you heard what teachers are now learning? In the past 5 years, about 125,000 teachers, counselors and administrators have been trained to stop blood loss. Classrooms are now being stocked with gauze coated with blood-clotting drugs, tourniquets and bandages. AP reports that although schools are upping security, more attention is being paid to saving the wounded.

Tobacco growers, who rely heavily on Chinese market, are worried about impact of trade dispute. One-half of U.S. tobacco crop comes from North Carolina. It exports 75% of tobacco it produces. Total tobacco usage there has climbed each year of last 10 years.

Children exposed to lead in Flint, Michigan, will be screened to see if they need services because of the exposure. It’s part of the settlement.

Thousands of drivers in Virginia have been fined since last summer since state began issuing $100 tickets for driving slow in the left lane.

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